Wednesday, May 30

Amazon Mom

I'm seriously not one for pushing products. However, I am a cheap-o, and if I find a good deal, I'm on it. I get especially excited about good deals on anything that I use daily and any process that makes life easier. We are mothers with eight million things to do. We do not need the stress of shopping! Here's a cool link to a deal on diapers, wipes, and more called Amazon Family. If you find it makes your life easier (since you won't have to drag your poor strep-ti-fied child shopping because you ran out of diapers) go for it, girl! Here's to time management and saving money...woohoo!

Friday, May 25

Teach Your Toddler Shapes like Circles, Diamonds, Squares, Triangles and more...

So cute! Check out a fun way to teach your toddler shapes. I like this because it gets you interacting with your child and doing something non-electronic. While there are many "cool" interactive programs on your computer, ipad, etc., I will always prefer one-on-one, person-to-person interaction. It is precious time with your little one and keeps you connected.

Just print the shapes, trace, and color.

Click or Tap here for Free Printable Toddler Learning Shapes Charts

Friday, May 18

Teaching Your Toddler to Write the Letters A to Z

For a cute, free activity on teaching your toddler the alphabet and how to write the letters of the alphabet, go to We have new printable pages to trace the letters - nice and big, too, for those cute little hands to get around a ginormous crayon!

Have fun!

Click or Tap here for Free Printable Toddler Learn to Write the Alphabet A-Z Charts

Tuesday, May 1

WebMD: 7 Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

Attention all ye pregnant women!  Okay, so this is a little off topic, but I was recently quoted in a WebMD article called, "7 Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms".  I've written a book on pregnancy (Taboo Secrets of Pregnancy: A Guide to Life with a Belly) and was asked to give my "expert" opinion on things like gas, belching, and sprouting ape hair.  First of all, it defies me how one becomes an expert on such things, and second, that's a pretty darn disgusting thing to be an expert at.  But whatever.  I'm an easy going gal and don't have a problem blabbing about indecent things.  Guess that makes me an expert.  
What I ended up being quoted on is quite hilarious, although my husband was absolutely horrified.  He likes to brag on me, but he can't exactly send this to friends and family.  (LOVE it!!)
If you aren't too faint of heart, you may find the article a bit humorous whether you have been pregnant or will become pregnant.  Happy reading!