Wednesday, May 18

Teaching Toddlers and Preschoolers the ABC's and 1,2,3's

Try not to talk too much while going through this with them.  I'm all about decreased stimulus, so don't talk in their ear nonstop while they do this.  Make sure they are fed and rested first.  Then simply say the letter one time and say the name of the picture.  If they ask or want you to repeat, that's fine.  Go ahead.  Just avoid, "This is D for duck.  We see the ducks swimming in the pond!  Ducks are so cute and fun.  Ducks say 'quack quack'..."  That's too much yammering and you might run them straight into overload!!  (Then you'll get ticked when they start crying or fussing.)  Let them soak in the letters, numbers, and pictures in a relatively quiet setting.  Have fun!
Click or Tap Here for the Free Printable ABC Learning Charts
Click or Tap Here for the Free Printable Learning to Count Charts or click the individual charts below.

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