Friday, January 28

Mama Can't Dance

This has nothing to do with toddler anything, so forgive.  This is a 'getting old stinks' moment.

So we got Dance Central for the XBox this Christmas.  Quite exciting since I was a bebopping, grooving cheerleader a hundred years ago.  Sure, I can still bust a move, sista!  Pop it in and let me at it! 

At first my kids were uber impressed at my wiggle ability, but as we play it more and more, the songs get harder, and the moves get baffling.  Arm what?  Leg kick huh?  Jump over here, jump over there...I can't freaking keep up.  Then it takes pictures of you.  And what shows up on the screen is some lumpy old fart wearing my clothes.

I guess the short road to forty can't dance after all.

Chocolate!  I need chocolate... 

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