Thursday, February 17

Reward & Behavior Charts

Hey chickies!  (We're friends, right?  I can call you "chicky"?)  (Hopefully I didn't just tick a lot of you off...eek!). We made up (okay, I'm a husband/manager did all the work, I just sat back and went "cool!") some great behavior charts for you to help with your behavior progress.  Click or Tap Here for Free Printable Toddler Behavior, Chore, Potty Training, and Reward Charts.  These address behavior, chores (for the older dudes and dudettes, of course), potty training, and general rewards.

Sometimes charts are difficult to keep up with, but once you get used to it, they do give you a good guide on what's happening and when.  It helps to narrow down behaviors and determine if they are night, day, right after lunch...whatever.  When you see a pattern of "needs work", you need to look deeper into determining a cause and changing your approach to fix the problem.

Have fun!  (Feel free to yell at the computer now.  If you're looking into using a chart, I know there's some serious 'not fun' going on and telling you to have fun is stupid.  However, I just went out to lunch with my husband and had a super-licious blood orange martini, so I'm thinking life is pretty good at the moment...). Hugs, my dears!  You can do it!

FYI, you will need Adobe reader for the High Quality versions, so here's the link if you don't already have it installed...

Free Printable Toddler Behavior Chart:

Free Printable Toddler Chore Chart:

Free Printable Toddler Potty Training Chart:

Free Printable Toddler Reward Chart:

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