Tuesday, June 19

Free Toddler Sleep Tracking Charts

As parents, we are forever needing to recall our child's sleep pattern for one reason or another. Whether it's to determine why their behavior is sour, if they are getting sick, teething, needing extra nap time...the reasons are endless.

Click or Tap here for Free Printable Toddler Sleeping Charts


Use this sleeping chart to track your child's sleep patterns. It allows for recording morning, afternoon, and night. Just mark the hours slept, and if you'd like, use the empty box next to each block of day to "rate" that block's sleep. Then you can average it on the right side of the chart. For example, you might equate "1" to mean "woke up one time" or "cried one time". Two can mean, "woke up/cried two times," etc. This way you can average how rough or disturbed your child's sleep was on any particular day.

Poor sleep leads to health and behavior problems. Toddlers need anywhere from 12-14 hours of sleep (this includes up to two naps a day). Make sure they are getting it! Charting can help you realize where you need to tighten up your routine. A strict sleep schedule can make all the difference in healthy sleep habits. Kids love routines and are more likely to cooperate when you have the same sleep schedule at the same time every single day.

Happy sleeping!

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