Thursday, July 12

Free Toddler Goal Charts

Toddlers often love having a sense of purpose and helping. Add that to their need for guidance, and you get goal-setting! We've created some fantastic charts to help you.

Click or Tap here for Free Printable Toddler Goal Charts

Say you'd like them to stop hoarding so many toys and learn to share. You can start by picking a toy that isn't so important to them and make a goal of sharing. Use simple terms and talk to them about what you're going to do. Write it down and have them help by putting a smiley face or sticker by the goal - this gets them participating and involved in the process. Once the goal is met, have them check it off or put a stamp by it. Then pick another toy that is a bit more important, and repeat the process as needed.

You can use this for setting a good bedtime routine, potty training, helping clean up toys...anything. These charts are a great way to introduce a new skill and get the family focused on creating a positive environment. Just remember to stay structured and consistent.

Happy goal setting!!

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