Tuesday, August 7

Mommy Guilt Relief Chart

So we feel crapola guilty for one reason or another. Every day it's something! The kid is crying nonstop, so we snap and yell at them to stop. Or we are just a little less loving because - let's face it - we feel less loving when they cry and scream like monkeys.

Here are a few of the top reasons we feel guilty and quick answers on how to zap it asap. We all want answers now, and this will get you going on the right track. I just finished a new book on guilt and it has more in-depth answers (and commiseration), but this chart is a good, quick start.

Take a deep breath, grab some calming tea, and remember this is a long haul. Do the best you can each day and forgive yourself when you slip up.

Hugs, my dear!

Click or Tap here for Free Printable Mommy Guilt Relief Chart


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